Creative writing activities with pictures

Your students can write a myth explaining a natural phenomenon or create a story with a moral lesson. Months of the Year Acrostic Poems - This file includes 12 pages, one for each month of the year, providing students with the opportunity to write a new poem each month.

Non-transferable developmental writing course designed to promote competence and fluency in written composition. Listed below are a variety of activities that will allow your students to expand their knowledge of Greek mythology and arts.

Creative Writing Contests

Biography - Write a short biography about someone you know. Some examples of topics and myths are theft Jason and the Golden Fleecedrinking Polyphemus and Odysseusmarital problems Zeus and Hera and kidnapping Hades and Persephone.

Oh, you may hold back at the office or in front of others who don't appreciate such things, but here it's safe for you to let go and explore your creativity. Helping students write descriptively is a huge challenge. Decide whether you will allow students to access these links themselves, or whether you will print out the stories ahead of time.

Reading course to improve critical thinking, comprehension, vocabulary, visual literacy and study skills. How are heroes different from gods and goddesses. Some students may want to think of an emotion love, envy, fear or jealousy and write an adventure using that emotion as the theme.

This notable topic was never settled in Ancient Greece. College Composition Workshop Prerequisites: Once you have a list, students can brainstorm specific myths that match the topics.

To many, research scientist Jonas Salk, astronaut John Glenn and civil rights leader Martin Luther King are contemporary heroic types on the American scene. Sinner condemned to roll a rock uphill for eternity. Jake and the Long a Sound - Complete the story and identify rhyming words using long a words from the word box.

My Vacation Journal - Help your students continue to improve their writing and fine motor skills this summer. Students gain pleasure and confidence in literary judgment with every page read. For Older Adults Teaches older adult students techniques for close reading of literary texts.

Consider superhero films from the past few years that have been based on DC Comics and Marvel Comics characters: Puzzling Shapes - Students will count and record the number of rectangles or triangles found within each rectangle and triangle.

Literature And Film Prerequisites: A good source written for young people is Kidipede: For instance, ask them what it means to have an "Achilles heel". Titles will be determined in class and will include selections from poetry, prose and plays.

10 Creative Writing Exercises to Inspire You

True tales may be published for peers and grandchildren. Record the myths that inspired them. Go through the mentor text with your students, locating and annotating descriptive writing. The grossest description wins. Student must have completed a minimum of twelve units at SBCC, with a 2.

If you need additional writing prompt ideas, you might be interested in creating RAFTS or using a journal jar. Advertisements Before having your students prewrite the advertisements, ask them to bring an advertisement from any newspaper which satisfies this question: You can choose the activities that are most appropriate for your curriculum.

Should mortals be allowed on Mt. Ask them to find out who their character is and what significance he or she plays in the myths. What are some of the traits that make this person a hero to you. Use numbers or letters rather than student names to match the photo and writing.

Quote Worksheet 3 - Thomas Paine is quoted here on the importance of character. For this activity, the class brainstorms a list of heroes in mythology that might include Odysseus, Hercules, Achilles or Jason.

Here is another student-friendly source for basic information about Greek gods. Fiction reveals relationships between people and people's relationships to the world. Help students with descriptive writing skills by teaching these five writing activities that will allow them to practice "showing not telling.".

Basher Basics: Creative Writing [Simon Basher, Mary Budzik] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the bestselling illustrator whose friendly take on science has revolutionized our understanding of everything from the periodic table to the universe.

Free Creative Writing Worksheets. This section of our web site features over creative writing activities for young people.

Writing Activities

These printable classroom materials include thank you notes, blank themed writing paper, poetry activities, and more. Drawing Words & Writing Pictures is a comics educational project with book and web components.

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Check out these writing activities for 2nd grade!

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Kids will love these creative ways to diagram plots, differentiate fact from opinion, learn verb tenses, and more. The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue.

Creative writing activities with pictures
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